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Evolving Yoga and Healthcare to Empower Personal Wellness
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You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.
- John C. Maxwell

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Imagine, YOU, Empowered

What's has occurred with [M] since individualized Yoga Therapy is she is now able to spontaneously assume a normal posture because of balances she didn't have before in

muscle groups ...

observation of Occupational Therapist  

Very much satisfied with my experience....  A double yes to adapting the yoga practices to my unique needs and learning modalities, paced appropriately so I could do and follow on my own, and offering phone help between sessions and at least one form of reference materials!  I learned awareness of my habits, imbalances, and lifestyle factors contributing to my level of function, safety, attitude, and outcomes. The breathing techniques optimized my awareness, stability, strength, muscle control, and calm when challenged.  Learning  how to breathe from my core empowered me to coordinate movements for better balance and mobility.  I gained a customized program of mind-body exercises  I practice up to 4x a week.  I will tell my healthcare providers how Yoga Therapy benefited me in only 8 hours of instruction.  Is Paula competent? Absolutely!

S. Levine

I was recovering after drug therapies for cancer that had left me very weak.  Paula was very mindful of my physical limitations.  She took the time to thoroughly evaluate and listen to my needs.  She developed a custom therapeutic routine for me and was very patient and thorough in guiding me...Her instruction gradually returned my strength, stamina, balance, and energy levels....and helped me gain a larger perspective on how to handle the highs and lows of living with my illness seeing better what is really important and how to live well each day...

J. Smith on managing cancer

I had developed severe fibromyalgia causing intense, chronic pain....After a year of once a week sessions, I began to have long stretches without symptoms....two years later I am no longer aware of this condition....I have my life back and yoga has improved many areas of my life in the a mental health counselor, I find myself bringing the benefits of yoga that I've learned to help my clients as well...

LMHC W. Russell

I am now 226 days of NO atrial fib.  Thank you for helping me to attain that (through regulating breathing exercises).  I am still on medication, but doing fine, exercising, and building strength.  Life is good for an 81 year old. 
J. Alden

I still practice every morning and can get on the floor with the grandkids, play soccer with them and even kickbox with my son-in-law, all possible because of what Paula taught me years ago.  Thank you always for your instruction and inspiration.


C. Smith

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