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Options for Your Unique Needs


Health is more than the absence of disease (or strength of the muscles).   ~Julie Boehm, Harvard School of Public Health

Private Sessions or Private Small Group


Just for you.  Customized to your particular needs and goals for realizing your best self and fullest potential.  Now at Midtown Medical Park, 1219 S. East Avenue, Suite 104, Sarasota.


Individual assessments of structural deviations, breath efficiency, range of motion, ayurvedic constitution, and overall well-being are available in private sessions.


The benefits of private sessions can be shared with your partner or friend of similar condition.


Breathwork, physical movement geared to your level and needs,  restorative and stress reduction techniques and meditation for chronic issues,  emotional balance and  insight.   

You don't have to be able to get to the floor. We can work seated.  I'll come to you or you come to me.  It's that simple.


Call 941-316-6893 to schedule sessions.



Group Workshops for Specific Conditions


CONTACT ME if you are involved with a population that can benefit from a specific targeted course in managing and improving their condition.  I will design and deliver a therapeutic program for your group, community, or condition.....

.....stress or pain management; heart health, back pain and conditions;  emotional/cognitive balancing; immunity boosting; self-awareness and self-regulation; weight loss; arthritis; ED's,

muscle strength or bone density;  improviing flexibility, range of motion, and mobility; enhancing respiration , circulation, digestion, thyroid, and hormonal function; postural integration, alignment, and balance; joint and  gait issues; chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer, Parkinsons, MS, MG, caregiver or trauma recovery, etc.....


Click HERE for current, past, and upcoming group workshop opportunities.

Upcoming TBD individual programs:

Get Healthy, Your Happiness Depends on It.

Calm Presence in a Chaotic World:  Mastering Meditation, Respiration, and  Resiliency 

Minute Mindfulness Skills for Living Well


M.O.V.E.D:  Managing Ourselves for Victory Eliminating Dis-Ease/Disease


The Core of  Yoga

For more information, Contact Paula @

941. 316. 6893





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